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Witnessing you in your soul’s evolution of enchantment, magic, wonder and inspiration.  In service to the awakening of our beloved planet and humanity.  Welcome to My Temple Garden!


My Temple Garden: The Garden Of Gaia

April Aronoff

Priestess, Healer, Oracle

Sacred Land Tender

Welcome Sacred Community!

My Temple Garden is a Sacred Garden space devoted to the Holy medicine of Roses, Bees, Dragons, Unicorns, Fairies, Angels, Ascended Masters, & to Gaia herself. My Temple Garden provides sacred ceremonial space to expand our awareness of the Earth & humanity as magical, multi-dimensional starseeds, offers 1-1 sessions & classes that deepen our own spiritual growth & evolution, & provides community for those called to walk the path of an Earth Guardian.  As an emissary of the Divine, I am deeply called to guide others towards their highest path of healing and transformation.  It is through this tending of our hearts & inner garden that we will heal our Mother Earth.  I am passionate about doing this work as a village!  I hope you will join me in this mission.

My Offerings To You


Intuitive Readings

Join me for in-person and virtual sessions. Take a deep dive into your own soul’s journey with intuitive readings.


With Spirit

Connect with Spirit to bring healing, blessings, and miracles to your children and family. Help your child and family be the highest embodiment of their soul’s potential with divine parent coaching.




Shop the Divine Products born from My Temple Garden: rose resin jewelry, rose petal honey, and more. Each item is charged with blessings from the garden.


Classes & Circles

Join Mother Earth Prayers Healing Circle, a monthly online and/or in person group dedicated to addressing climate change through community, meditation, prayer, and energy medicine.   


Explore sacred classes inspired by the energy of my sacred garden, roses, & bees.

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