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The Garden's Story, My Journey

Welcome to My Temple Garden! 


My name is April Aronoff, and I am the steward of a large sacred garden full of Roses, Bees, Dragons, and Unicorns.  This sharing is meant to give you a taste of who I am, the work that I do, and the Garden as a portal of magic, inspiration, and endless possibility.  There are many beings of the Loving Light that exist in this liminal space.  There are Roses, Bees, Dragons, Unicorns and the Fae.  There are trees, plant devas, and a variety of winged creatures.  There are Light Beings who enter our Earth plane through the portal of this magical land, and from here go out into the world to do their work.


The garden is a direct reflection of my own growth and flowering. As I put my hands into the dirt planting new life, tending to that life with immense love, mulching and composting that which is complete, I too have experienced these practices on the inner landscape that is me.  With every turn on the spiral of creation, that which manifested on the land began to manifest within me.  I began my formal training as a Priestess when I bought this property 8 years ago.  Since then my remembrances of who I am and the gifts I have to offer during this evolutionary time on Gaia, have revealed themselves in tandem with the unfolding of this magical space.  It is a beautiful, symbiotic relationship between myself and this sacred land, and is the essence of who I am.


The Creation of the Garden


It is my nature to want to tend to all aspects of life.  Creation, preservation, and healing are as much a part of my bio-functions as breathing.  Prior to acquiring this property in 2013, I had a much smaller home and garden that I tended to with deep love and reverence.  My connection to the magic of Earth based healing originated in that space, as the inklings of my Divine Nature began to awaken.  Through guidance of others who were experienced in the ways of Divine service, I began to commune with the land through offerings to the ancestors, elementals, and nature beings that revealed themselves to me.  After about 7 years of living on that land, my children gave me a large statue of Kuan Yin, and I began to make offerings to HER of water and flowers in a beautiful china bowl I acquired just for this purpose.  I deeply loved this garden and knew it loved me!  Yet the need to have more space for my growing family was very real.  After about 9 years of tending this land, the stars aligned and a window opened where this seemed financially possible.  The acquisition of the property I live in now was an alchemy of Earth magic between the two lands, as I held ritual with plant life from both spaces.  At the start of looking for a new home, I built a “house catcher” that I would pray to and make offerings.  Not every property we wanted landed for us.  When I saw this land, however, everything felt different, and the call was strong.  When our bid was accepted, I knew it was a blessing.


I created this garden mostly from scratch.  There were fruit trees that we left, and a few plants, but the majority of the garden came from the labor of my own hands.  At first it was strange.  As much as I loved having more space, I was still in grief over the garden I had left, and was not yet connected to this land.  The hummingbirds and butterflies had not yet arrived.  The plants I lovingly placed in the ground were in their infancy.  Everything was so new.  I designated an area near our outdoor living room as a place to make sacred offerings, and placed my beloved statue of Kuan Yin on the ground.  There was a stucco wall behind this little section that I knew someday I would tile.   I made my first offering of water, flowers, and prayers, consecrating the land.  


A few months later I began my first Priestess Program, the first in a long line of traditions and lineages that brought me home to my Divine nature.  A year later I became a trained Scent Priestess, and was given the Holy Rose Oil as my sacred medicine.  The Holy Rose I was told, was the highest vibration of love.  This was at a point in my life where I was grappling with intense depression and anxiety.  “Me?”  I thought to myself, “How can that be?”  The concept of holding a high vibration of love was fleeting at best.  Despite the unknown, I accepted this as a gift from Spirit.  


A year later, I stood in my garden and looked around.  It had been 2 years since I had created this space.  The butterflies and hummingbirds had arrived.  The plants were larger, and the garden was lush.  I had been making flower bowl offerings to Kuan Yin faithfully.  Still, I did not feel connected in the way I had with my previous garden, and the longing for that connection ran deep.  As I stood there feeling loss, my feelings suddenly shifted, and an urgency came over me.  It was as if someone was shining a bright light into the pitch black, revealing a path I had never seen before, but was clearly meant for me:  I needed to plant roses, and I needed to plant them now.


I began planting, en masse.  Rose after rose, bush after bush.  I was (and still am) an obsessed, mad, rose-woman.  And with each rose I planted, fed, tended, and nurtured, that feeling of unconditional, high vibration love, began to seep in.  The scent, touch, sight, and song of The Holy Rose became medicine my soul desperately needed, and the wall of pain I had placed around myself since a small child began to dissolve.  Layer upon layer of grief and pain, dissolved in the presence of the Holy Rose, at just the right pace and quantity that I could handle as a human deeply needing to heal from trauma. 


From this place, the unfolding of magic was in direct proportion to my own healing, and to my connection with the land.  I would spend days on end in this luminous space, doting on my roses, singing to my plants with joy, filing my garden with shells and rocks, statues of animals and goddesses, broken pieces of glass, china, or ceramic, anything that was pretty and sparkly made its way into this space.  I began to tile the stucco wall behind Kuan Yin, and from my inner being a Cosmic Spiral began to reveal itself.  

The need to heal, beginning with me and spiraling out to my family, community and all of life, grew deep and profound.  I prayed and meditated for the healing of the Earth and all her elements.  I made offerings of cacao and honey and rose petals.  I began to bury items into the Earth, as I felt called.  Objects, food, things I wrote on paper, all went into the Earth for deep healing and transformation. 


And as I made these prayers, sang these songs, and opened my heart, The Beings of Light began to come and fill the garden with their essence.  The elementals arrived in waves, first the Fae with all their charm and magic, then the Unicorns with their beautiful healing horns of light, then the mighty Dragons with their deep love and devotion to Gaia.  A hive of Bees moved into the sacred wall I was tiling on the Summer Solstice.  Ascended Masters began to enter and go out into the world.  The vibration became so high that the land began to cry out for more release, and a Shamanic couple assisted in freeing hundreds of Earth Bound Ohlone Native Americans up to the loving light.

IMG_9088 (1).JPG

It has been 8 years since this journey began with the garden.  It has been life-altering and completely profound.  The medicine I offer continues to be revealed with each step I take on this sacred land, and it fills me with joy and purpose.  I am a Priestess of the Rose, Bee, and Dragon.  I am in service to the Unicorns.  My raison d’etre is to inspire hope and healing for Gaia and all her creatures, through this sacred land of roses, bees, magic and love.

It is from this holy place that I claim my gifts with love and joy.  My offerings include Intuitive Readings, Parenting With Spirit Sessions, and Sacred Classes inspired from the garden and my love of children and families.  I am a creatrix and have crafted the most delicious Holy Rose Honey charged with crystals, moon energy, and a Sabbat Holiday (solstice, equinox, etc).  I create ceremonial altar items and jewelry from my roses and flowers, make tea from the garden, and dry my rose petals for whatever use one feels inspired.  I create sacred photographs as a transmission of Rose Language.  All of this can be found in my Sacred Store.  It feels good to claim these gifts! 

I am blessed by this garden, and have had many awakenings around myself and my role as Steward of this sacred space.  One thing I know is absolute: 


This garden is not just for me.  It is for everyone for the purposes of individual and planetary healing.  The magical love of this land touches everyone who enters, whether they are just gazing at photos, eating the Sacred Honey, wearing the rose jewelry, or drinking the tea.  This love can be exchanged with families and communities, who can spread the love even further.  The garden is the Holy Flower, and we are the bees gathering nectar and pollen to take back to our hives.  


~April Aronoff~


In Gratitude


I conclude this share with a round of immense gratitude for those that have fostered knowledge, wisdom, and growth in my being.  Without you, I would not be the healer that I am.

Paula Horowitz, Shamanic Practitioner (

13 Moon Mystery School, Sanctuary of the Open Heart (

The Emerald Temple, Diana Dubrow (

Seven Sisters Mystery School, Marguerite Rigoglioso (

Diana and Michael Melchizedek (

The Golden Oracle, Angela De la Agua (

Sacred Future, Maria Christina Owl and Duane Vos (

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