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Intuitive Readings


Oracle, clairvoyant, seer, intuitive.  These are all names used to describe the ability to connect with the Divine, to see, know, and sense our own multi-dimensional nature, and to come to know the highest versions of our own selves.  We all have spirit guides and allies walking alongside us, and it is through these relationships that we can grow, prosper, and evolve.  Do you need 1-1 support?  As an emanation of the Divine I can assist you in whatever area your soul calls.  There are a variety of readings I offer, both themed and general. Please see below for more details.

Holy Rose Reading


$150 for 70 minutes

The Holy Rose has one of the highest frequencies of any flower.

Do you feel the call of the Holy Rose in your bones and soul? Are your senses profoundly altered when in the presence of this amazing being? Do you remember lifetimes of service and protection as a Priestess of the Rose? A Rose Reading is an intimate exploration of your relationship with the Holy Rose as a Divine Cosmic Being. All aspects of the Holy Rose are explored in relationship to your personal medicine; sacred geometry, scent, cosmic exploration, past life memories, and present relationship meaning and magic.

Holy Bee Reading


$150 for 70 minutes
The Way of the Bee is Divine Mother Unity Consciousness

Are you drawn to the frequency of bees and honey? Do you receive information as bees fly between plants and flowers around you? Are you a sacred bee-keeper and wish to go deeper with this relationship? Bees have long been a symbol of the Divine Mother throughout antiquity, and in our current time represent the Unity Consciousness field that is essential to our ascension process. A Sacred Bee Reading is a deep dive into the relationship between bees, spirit, human evolution, and your personal soul medicine. Past life and current relationships are explored, as well as any intuitive information that arises during the reading.

Turning of the Wheel Reading


$150 for 70 minutes

Exploring Earth and Cosmic energy within you

The changing seasons of the year can have a profound effect on our physical bodies, mental state, and spiritual health. Working with nature and the 8 major holidays, a Turning of the Wheel Reading is a deep dive into the personal relationship of how Earth and Cosmic energy are intertwined with you and your personal needs and medicine. This is an opportunity to explore the planetary shifts and changes and how they may best serve you, and how you may best serve these energies. Guidance and next steps for deepening your relationship with Gaia and the Cosmic realm are provided throughout this reading, as well as any intuitive information that comes in regarding your personal soul journey.

Sacred Elemental Reading


$150 for 70 minutes

Where there is energy, there is likely a beautiful being tending space.


The Pure Light of Unicorns, the Power of Dragons, the Magic of the Fae, and the Blessings of the Mermaids. This reading is a deep dive into the elemental realm, and the medicine these beings have to offer. If you are drawn to a particular elemental there is likely a relationship waiting to be discovered. Or perhaps your bond is already strong and you wish to go deeper. Working with these amazing beings can bring tremendous joy, clarity and wisdom to your life path and soul purpose. Elementals are returning in throngs to our planet at this time to help support humanity and Gaia as we move out of 3D separation into a life of greater consciousness and harmony. Do you hear the call to share their medicine?   ​

Universal Intuitive Reading

IMG_9088 (1).JPG

$150 for 70 minutes

A broad-spectrum or introductory reading

For those that wish to cover a broader range of topics or are new to a reading, a Universal Intuitive Reading will offer an inquiry into whatever area your soul is being drawn to explore. Deep dives may include Past Life/Akashic Record Knowledge, Soul Purpose Work, Womb Wisdom, Ascended Master and Cosmic Ally Connection, Ancestor work, Healing work around trauma or heartbreak, Planetary Grid Work, Sacred Geometry exploration, energy medicine, and more. Deep dives into the Holy Rose, Holy Bee, Elementals, or the Turning of the Wheel may also be provided in this sacred space. Guidance and next steps for living a life full of soul purpose are part of this journey.

Mentoring Bundle Readings

pasted image 0.png

$400 for three 70-minute sessions
3 spiritual sessions that will build upon one another

Do you wish to expand your awareness of self as a being who is living on Earth during this amazing time of planetary ascension? Three 70-minute sessions for those that wish to dive deep into the process of soul exploration. Aspects of any of the other intuitive reading offerings can apply here, including sessions exploring sacred service/career.


Click below to schedule a reading with me, and let the journey begin!

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