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The Temple Of The Purple Rose

The Rose of New Earth Consciousness


Welcome, Beloved, to the Temple of The Purple Rose….


We have entered a time in human history where the Rose Codes have been available in a way never seen before.  The past 10 years have seen an influx of Rose Priestesses and Rose Lineages making themselves known around the world.   The Rose Codes are an amalgam of sacred Rose wisdom expressed in many different forms, including Frequency, Vibration, Coherence, Resonance, Sacred Geometry, Scent, Color, Touch, Love, The Written Word, and of course, The Physical Rose Herself.  There is certainly more to these codes than I have listed here, although this is what I have learned in the past 7 years through my devotion to this sacred flower.   Many of us have reached a point where we can hold these codes in our bodies, for the purpose of sharing them with others who also feel open to receiving their love, healing, and wisdom. 


This influx of Rose Codes has arrived at the exact moment in history where they are most needed.  With the 2020 Winter Solstice ushering in the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction and The Age of Aquarius, we are literally standing on the threshold of a new era of planetary evolution.   An incredible amount of Christ Light has reached Earth, touching every living thing.  This was inevitable, as we as a humanity have raised our vibration through the very act of living.  Despite the appearance of fragmentation in the outer world, our desire to heal our planet and come together as a global community is strong.  More individuals are remembering their Star-Seed origin and feel compelled to offer their light to the world.  More children are being born with this remembrance intact, and it is these Golden Children who will assist humanity with healing its relationship with the Earth.  The time for a massive transmission of Rose Codes is now. 


So what is the Temple of the Purple Rose?


The Temple of the Purple Rose is born of two very distinct rose medicines that have metamorphosed into a sacred third: The Red Shakti Rose of Earth and The Blue Cosmic Rose of the Stars.  It is the alchemy of these two energies that have birthed the Purple Rose into form. 


This journey began with the Blue Cosmic Rose, which offered me its medicine during a period of intense personal struggle.

As it is for so many of us, it is simply easier to go cosmic and sit with the vibration up there than sit with the complexity of our human experience.  It was from this place The Blue Cosmic Rose revealed itself.  The Blue Cosmic Rose is an expression of the Highest Vibration of Christ Light and Unity Consciousness.  This includes the complete harmony and integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which is the essence of Unity Consciousness.  Jesus, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene all worked with the Blue Cosmic Rose during their time as walking masters on Earth, sharing the wisdom that we are each holders of the Christ Light, that it is our birthright, and that we do not need any outside person, place, or thing to achieve this sovereign, ultimate love.


As I continued working with the Christ Codes of The Blue Cosmic Rose, I slowly became more comfortable in my body, with a deep desire to heal my human trauma.  I learned about womb priestess lineages, womb healing practices, and The Holy Womb Chakra System.  This is when the Red Shakti Rose began to appear.  This Holy Red Rose showed me she existed in the center of Gaia, in Her womb space, and was tied to fertility, creativity, and kundalini energy.  As we are all fractals of something larger, I saw that my womb space is a direct reflection of Gaia’s.  This red rose began to appear in me, showing me a gateway to healing and a complete reclamation of my fertility, creativity and kundalini energy.  I began to work with this energy and saw it flooding my womb, into my central channel, and throughout my body.  I began to feel the Kundalini energy at the base of my spine begin to stir, and feelings of desire and passion returned to my womb space after years of feeling numb.  A Holy Red Rose Garden began to grow within me. 


As within, so without.  As without, so within.  The reclamation and healing of my body is a direct connection to healing that of the Earth.  When we heal ourselves, we heal our Mother Gaia.  When Gaia is healed, we are healed.  The Red Shakti Rose of Earth is the complete embodiment of our Shakti in our human body.  Shakti is an energy that includes Fire, Creativity, Birth, Passion, Sensuality, Sexuality, Power and Ideas.  It is an active energy that when in harmony can manifest spirit into form.  Mary Magdalene also worked with the Holy Red Rose as part of her embodiment of Divine Shakti energy.  This embodiment was a living example of the creation energy that exists  within each of us, and is also our birthright.


While I am still on my healing journey, my willingness to hold this Red Rose in my body has allowed me to hold my own traumas with tenderness, to release what is no longer needed, and to create space in my body for passion to return. 


After months of working with The Blue Cosmic Rose and The Red Shakti Rose of Earth, the Holy Purple Rose began to take form.


The Holy Purple Rose holds the codes to carry the Christ Light in our human bodies, and to express these codes directly to the planet.  It also carries the codes to hold the Violet/Purple Ray, The Divine Ray of love, compassion, spiritual transformation, and freedom in the body.  This is part of the alchemy that is available to us as we move from the paradigm of holding suffering and trauma in our bodies to one of holding love and light.  This is the New Earth Consciousness and will pave the way for a new way of living.  The Holy Purple Rose is a gateway to embodied Christed Consciousness, and is meant to allow each individual to share this Love and Light as part of their Earth Walk.

~ A Few Special Notes to Mention ~

  • Working with these rose energies is for all genders.  While men do not have a physical womb space, they are born from the womb of their mother, and thus carry an energetic womb space, an imprint of the mother who gestated and birthed them into the world.   There is a tremendous amount of healing that needs to happen within the masculine, and this healing needs to be brought into the world.  Men have an incredible capacity to work with these energies in their bodies.  Working with The Holy Purple Rose is a gateway to soul level, Divine Masculine healing, and is part of New Earth Consciousness living.

  • Working with these energies does not replace the need for other types of therapies that address sexual abuse, addiction, or other types of traumas.  In addition to my priestessing and mystical work, I spent years working with different therapists, including traditional therapists, for the purpose of healing my own sexual abuse, traumas, and addiction.


So what does this 5-week course look like?


  • The class time is Sun 10-12 noon, PST.

  • This class begins in honor of the Beltane Holiday!  The dates are May 2, 9, 16, 23, and June 6.  There will be no class Sunday, May 30, due to Memorial Day.

  • For the purposes of class coherence and frequency, I ask that you try to attend most classes live, but I understand that life happens.  Each class will be recorded and sent out.  There will also be a private Facebook group where we can share our experiences throughout the course.

  • Here is an outline of what we will cover in each class, week by week.


Week 1

  • Introductions, creating community, setting sacred temple space, and a course overview.

  • This is a time to share stories of who we are, what our personal relationship is with the Holy Rose, and how we work with the rose in our daily lives. 

  • I will share a photo transmission of the Holy Rose and lead us through a meditation where we will connect with the Sacred Rose Codes.  Afterward, we will share our experiences.


Week 2

  • During this week we will focus on The Blue Cosmic Rose and the Christed Codes it carries throughout the universe.  

  • I will share what I have learned about The Blue Cosmic Rose through my own channelings and research, including its ties to Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, The Pleiades, The Galactic Blue Dragons, and the Holy Blue/Aquamarine Ray of Light.  

  • I will share a photo transmission then lead us through a meditation journey where we will go up to the Divine Cosmic Garden. Here we will open ourselves to the codes of the Blue Cosmic Rose.  Afterward, we will share our experiences.


Week 3

  • During this week we will focus on The Red Shakti Rose of Earth.

  • I will share what I have learned about this Holy Red Rose through my own channelings and research, including its ties to the Earth, our bodies, the Kundalini Dragon energy that lives within and around us, to Mary Magdalene, Shakti herself (Hindu Goddess), and The Holy Red Ray of Light.

  • I will share a photo transmission of this rose then lead us through a meditation journey where we will activate ourselves through working with The Red Shakti Rose inside our bodies and within/around the Earth.


Week 4

  • During this week we will focus on The Holy Purple Rose and how it is part of New Earth Consciousness living.  

  • I will talk about what it means to be a walking Temple of The Holy Purple Rose and to express its Christed codes in daily living.  This includes its ties to The Violet Flame, The Purple Galactic Dragons, and the Ascended Master Saint Germain who works with the Holy Purple Ray of Light.   

  • I will share a photo transmission of this rose then lead us through a meditation journey where we will experience what it means to be a Living Temple of the Holy Purple Rose.  Afterward, we will share our experiences.


Week 5

  • In this final class, we will focus on integrating all that we have experienced, and what it means to bring it out into the world.  

  • We will spend more time sharing about ourselves and our experiences.

  • I will share a Holy Rose photo transmission, then lead us through an integration meditation where we will shine our light as beings of New Earth Consciousness.  

Pricing Bundle Options


Spring Equinox/Beltane Launch Specials!


Throughout this 5-week class, I will offer reduced rate intuitive readings of $90, for 70 minutes.  This is a $35 discount from my regular rate of $125.  You can add the reduced rate readings at any time throughout this course, even if you do not register for them now.  Any of my intuitive reading options apply, with the exception of the mentoring bundle (insert link to readings).  


  • Price of 5 Week Class with Launch Special: $160.  This is an amazing deal for 5 weeks of Rose Sacred Wisdom and sharing.

  • Price of 5 Week Class + 1 Intuitive Reading: $250

  • Price of 5 week + 2 Intuitive Readings: $340


Any number of readings can be scheduled with the reduced rate throughout the duration of this course.  The reduced rate applies while taking the course, although the reading may be scheduled after the course is completed.


I look forward to this incredible journey together into the sacredness of The Holy Rose!

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