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Sacred Circles

Mother Earth Prayers Healing Circle

Climate Restoration Through Community, Meditation, & Prayer


Peace Begins With Me

Mother Earth Prayers Healing Circle is a monthly online and/or in person group solely dedicated to addressing climate change through community, meditation, prayer, and energy medicine.  

The Call

Now more than ever we are living in a time where profound climate change is showing up world wide and affecting every living thing on the planet.  Our habitats, eco-systems, food and water sources, atmosphere, and general way of life are at a peak point of devastation.  These issues must be addressed from a multi-fold perspective in order for Gaia-Earth and all her creatures to heal and thrive.


I believe as humans we have an incredible potential to manifest reality through our visualizations-imagining-dreaming capacity, and that the benefits of group energetics to heal our planet and humanity are vast.  There are many documented examples of mass meditations and group prayer having a positive effect on a variety of life aspects.  It is my deepest desire to create that reality here.


I have been feeling called to step up my Priestessing in the world to address climate change for some time.  My home, which is in Northern California, has been challenged with ongoing drought, repeated fires, and heat-domes.  There has been a tremendous loss of life in this part of the world going up and down the Western United States and into Canada.  Other parts of the world are contending with their own aspects of climate change and loss of life.  


We must do something and the time is now.   


The How

The structure of this group will be offered through the lens of my own life experience.  I personally work with the frequency of LOVE through a variety of energetics, and it will be through this frequency that we will create the field and direct the healing process.  These energetics include:

  • Unity Christ Consciousness

  • Ascended Masters & The Angelic Realm

  • Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies

  • Elementals, Earth Totems & Guardians

  • The Sacred Garden, Holy Rose & Holy Bee

  • Sacred Geometry 

  • Harmonics, including frequency, vibration, coherence, & resonance

  • Star-Cosmic Allies  


This is in no way fixed, as there may be other energies that make their way into the fold, or other individuals who wish to lead these circles.  Mother Earth Prayers Healing Circle is a community process and meant to highlight a variety of individuals and healing modalities.  


We are most potent as a collective.


Additional details:

  • The time frame will be 1-hour. 

  • Each gathering will focus on 1 or 2 aspects of climate change and planetary healing we wish to restore to balance and wholeness.  

  • There will be an intro period, followed by the meditation/prayer work, and a short integration at the end.  

  • The meditations, energy medicine, and prayers will be a combination of guided and silent. 

It is also my vision for people to share and get to know one another, and I remain open and flexible for that to occur.


I also encourage you to participate even if you are unfamiliar with this language and approach to healing.  It is often through the unknown that we experience the most growth, and learn things about ourselves we never knew existed.  


The Issues

Many layers of imbalance will be addressed within this circle. 


First and foremost is healing humanity, as climate change is a direct result of human disconnection to our Mother Earth.  


Many humans see the Earth as a commodity, something to take from or manipulate in order to serve humanity.  This perception of the Earth as a resource that is at our disposal fosters a complete disregard for the Earth as a living system that has not only given us life, but is viewed as our First Mother from cultures all over the world.  


This healing circle will envision all humans as WHOLE and CONNECTED to the Earth, and that LOVE for the Earth as a living being and our First Mother begins to flow within the hearts of those who have never felt this before.  


This experience of the Earth as Our Mother is unlike any other mother-child relationship, and can heal humanity at a profound level as this embodiment of LOVE never experienced before can bring about a complete paradigm shift in how we live and relate to one another. The motivation to live in global harmony between humans and with the Earth will come from within.


In addition to healing humanity, we will also focus on supporting and healing the Earth directly.  Here are some of the issues we will direct our support towards:

  • Extreme temperature shifts around the world

  • Melting ice-caps

  • Fires

  • Drought

  • Extreme flooding/storms

  • Polluted or acid waters in our springs, rivers, lakes & oceans

  • Polluted atmosphere

  • Carbon emissions-mass pollution

  • Dependency on fossil fuels-energy waste

  • Deforestation, loss of habitats & environments 

  • Endangered or extinct plants & animals

  • Inhumane agricultural practices of raising animals for food

  • Commercialized agricultural practices that mono-crop, use pesticides, and manipulate seeds

  • Fracking

  • Oil drilling

  • Loss of natural resources around the world

  • EMF Energy Increase

We are all in this together and are powerful agents of transformation and change.  We can make a difference!


The When/Where/Cost

Meetings will be held via Zoom on Sundays from either 10-11 am or 5-6 pm PST, during the period that is either on or near the First Quarter Moon phase.  


The First Quarter Moon phase is the halfway point between the New Moon (planting a seed-intention) and the Full Moon (bearing fruit-creation).  This particular period is about seeding dreams and manifesting them into physical form.  It is a potent time to harness our energy for the purpose of healing the Earth and creating a world where all living things can thrive.  


Dates for the rest of 2022 are as follows.  Online meetings will be held via Zoom on Sundays from either 10-11 am or 5-6 pm, Pacific Standard Time.   There are some dates that will occur on a Saturday or Monday, so please take note.

The Sunday 10-11am dates are as follows.  Please note the May date of 5/7/22 is on a Saturday.

  • 3/13/22 (Sun)

  • 7/10/22 (Sun)

  • 9/11/22 (Sun)

  • 10/23/22(Sun)

  • 5/7/22 (Sat)

The Sunday 5-6pm dates are as follows.  Please take note the December date of 12/26/22 is on a Monday.

  • 4/10/22 (Sun)

  • 6/5/22 (Sun)

  • 8/7/22 (Sun)

  • 11/20/22 (Sun)

  • 12/26/22 (Mon)


Once you register for a circle, you will get an invitation to attend each month.  Attend as it works for your schedule.  


Meetings are live and will not be recorded.


Cost:  This circle is donation-based only.  All proceeds will go towards organizations dedicated to addressing climate change.

Donations are not required.  


Offering one's time, energy, and love towards healing our beloved Earth is enough.


In-person gatherings will be announced as they are planned, and will be held at my home temple space, My Temple Garden, located in Northern California.  Stay tuned for more information.


The Benefits

The benefits of being an agent of positive change on the planet are numerous. 


First and foremost, we are healing the Earth through our shared vision of restoration, balance, and wholeness within her various systems of water, soil, flora/fauna, air/atmosphere, fire/heat, and ether/space.


This sacred act of devotion can bring a great deal of purpose, love, and hope to a person’s life, and provide deep meaning and fulfillment as we pave the way for a future where all living things thrive.


Here are some of the benefits I experience from being in service to the Earth:


  • Deep connection to the Earth and all of life.

  • Feelings of fulfillment and purpose with my life.

  • Feeling balance and harmony within my mind/body/spirit as I tune into the energies of the Earth.

  • Creativity, Flow, and Passion.  I create as the Earth creates.

  • Feelings of tremendous love and compassion towards the Earth, her creatures, and humanity.

  • Greater happiness and joy as I am intimately involved in bringing about positive change in the world.

  • Deeper friendships and community.  As I deepen my relationship to the Earth, I deepen the relationships in my life. 


The love and fulfillment we experience in our lives as a part of this service becomes a direct offering to the Earth.


We Are All Reflections

There is an ancient saying that exists from cultures around the world that express our relationship to the Earth and Cosmic Realm.  Here are a few examples:

  • As Above, So Below; 

  • As Within, So Without

  • The Inner becomes the Outer, and the Outer becomes the Inner.


These expressions all speak to the notion that whatever is occurring on or within The Earth/Cosmos, is reflected within our own bodies. 


  • So if the Earth is sick, we too are sick.

  • That if we commit atrocities towards the Earth, we see this between the humans who live here.

This is where we are at this present moment in time.


It is through our actions and intentions that this paradigm re-birth!


  • So that the Earth becomes fertile and healthy, and all living things on the planet flourish.

  • That we love ourselves as a humanity and learn to work together, so that our planet is restored to wholeness. 


We are all interconnected and part of a greater energetic field that is our Global Family.  This includes every living thing on the planet. 


I believe that the Earth is our first mother, and we are all micro-versions of her.  Our bodies are super organisms that are composed of various elements, including water, minerals, oxygen, and living organisms, just as the Earth is a super organism composed of these various elements.  Our bodies contain various systems that communicate with one another to achieve optimum health and functioning, just as the Earth contains various systems that all interconnect to sustain healthy life.   We are capable of growth and creating life just as the Earth is.  When we die, we return to the Earth.  


As we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.  As we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth. 


The time to restore right relationship with Gaia-Earth and all her creatures is now!  I hope you will join me in restoring balance to our beloved Mother Earth!


April Aronoff 

She of The Sacred Garden, Rose, & Bee

Peace begins with me


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**An online resource for those who wish to become involved in political or direct action organizations that address climate change in ways other than meditation and prayer is in process.

About April


Hi there Dear One!


My name is April Aronoff and I am a Priestess of the Sacred Garden, Rose, & Bee.  I am fiercely devoted to healing our Mother Earth and connecting to our own Divine Nature.  My home temple space is called My Temple Garden and it is here that I steward a large sacred garden with many rose bushes and 1 bee-hive.  There is much magic in this holy space, and there are many beings of love and light moving through this sacred portal.  As an emissary of the Divine, I am deeply called to guide others towards their highest path of healing and spiritual evolution through my 1-1 sessions, sacred classes, circles, and delectables I create for my online store.  It is my deepest desire to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth in community. I hope you will join me in this mission!

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