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Sacred Rose Honey

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I take great care when creating my Sacred Rose Honey.

Each batch is crafted with about 30+ different varieties of organic fragrant Roses from my magical garden, picked at their peak medicine.  The honey is raw and local.  I mix the roses and honey together with much love and blessings, stirring regularly for many weeks.  I charge each batch with crystals, which always include Selenite and Rose Quartz, along with other crystals whose energies I wish to infuse the honey with.  Each batch of rose honey bathes in the garden during either a new moon, full moon, or Holy Earth Day (Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, etc).  It typically charges on top of my bee hive or near my holy spiral wall.  Many of the light beings that come and go through the garden bless this honey with their love.  When finished I like to drink this magical elixir with my daily cup of cacao, as roses, honey, and cacao all work with the vibration of love.  I have also used this Rose Honey in ceremony many times.


Click the link below to see me mixing up a batch :)

Pricing and Shipping 


My Sacred Rose Honey costs $22 for an 8 oz jar.  


I can ship anywhere in the continental United States, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S Virgin Islands.  Sorry I cannot ship internationally. 


Please allow for up to 2 weeks before the honey is shipped.  


Rose Honey ships in a fixed rate shipping box which costs $15.50, plus the cost of the honey.  The fixed rate box can hold up to 2 jars of honey.  The shipping will cost the same whether you buy 1 jar or 2.  For more than 2 jars the next size box costs $21.90 and can hold 3 or 4 jars of honey.   


For large quantity purchases please contact me vs. buying off the site. 


For those that live locally, you are welcome to contact me through the My Temple Garden site and we can arrange for you to pay and come pick up the honey at my home temple space.




Rose Honey is seasonal and made in small batches of typically 20 jars per batch.  I do this a few times throughout the season, and will update the site as I make more.

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