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Rose Resin Offerings

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********My Temple Garden is no longer selling Rose Resin Products********

It was my deep desire to expand the realm of rose medicine that had so profoundly touched my life, and to share this expansion with others.  I began to explore other ways to work with the Holy Rose and found casting them in resin was a beautiful way to capture the beauty and essence of this amazing being.  Whether it is jewelry or one of the larger pieces from my Looking Glass series, each sacred object functions like a crystal and can bring deep wisdom and personal transformation.  From start to finish I hold sacred space throughout the creation process.  From gathering, to drying, to casting the petals, blooms, or other holy objects placed inside, (crystals, shells, copper beads) each piece is infused with Holy energy, blessings, and prayers.  Once each piece is cured I charge them in the garden under a new/full moon, or during an Earth holiday (Solstice, Equinox, etc).  Each piece is one of a kind and completely unique.  From the Divine, to me, to you, and to whomever you encounter when working with these sacred objects, it is the knowing that we are all ONE and come from LOVE that is the greatest gift.

Caring For Your Sacred Resin Objects

In order to care for your resin objects properly, there are a few things to note.  Do not get them wet or leave them out in the sun.  If any of the pendants are dropped on a hard surface the backing may break off (the place where the chain goes through).  The roses themselves may fade a bit inside the resin over time.  If you wish to shine your piece up, simply take a dry soft cloth and wipe it down.  


Custom Creations

I can create custom orders with any of the molds I currently own.  This includes larger 5-7 inch molds from my Looking Glass Series that can be created in the following shapes:  heart, square, circle, oval, triangle, hexagon, diamond.  I can create larger 3 inch pendant pieces in the following shapes:  circle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, sphere.  I also have smaller 1-2 inch molds that can be cast as earrings or smaller pendants.

Shipping and Availability

Shipping is free anywhere in the United States.  If you wish to buy a product and live outside the United States, please contact me through the site and we can work out a purchase.


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